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Burn body fat fast

This smart hula hoop can quickly consume your body fat without the need of doing cardio. It’s suitable for all skill levels from beginner to professional. You can exercise with the hula hoop at your home, office, or anywhere you want.

Fun and easy to use

Exercising with this hula hoop is fun and effective. Just implement into your routine for just 20 minutes 3 times a week to get an intense full-body workout. It will make your exercise fun and easy.

Adjustable for all body sizes

The hula hoop is adjustable to all waist sizes. Simply remove a link for a tighter fit around your waist (or add an additional link to increase the size).

What Happy Customers Are Saying

❝OMG, I am so glad I got a Smart hula hoop, I have been consistently using it for 2 months now and I’ve seen significant changes in my body, now all my friends are asking me how I did it, one word, SMART HULA HOOPS.❞

Sandra J.

Los Angeles, CA

❝I was a bit skeptical about it but I am so glad I got it! I have never been consistent when it comes to workouts, I have been using it for over 4 months now consistently and I’ve lost over 40 Pounds. The smart hula hoop has changed my life.❞

Monica R.

Houston, TX

❝I never thought I’ll ever get in shape again, I was depressed for almost a year, my husband got this for me, and he has been a big motivation in my fitness journey, I am so glad he got this for me, and now I feel lighter and stronger.❞


Atlanta, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I only work out my abs with the Smart Hula Hoop?

Definitely not. The Smart Hula Hoop requires your entire body to be able to keep the ball spinning around your waist. It is also a great cardio activity that gets your heart pumping as if you ran a mile.

Can my kids use the Smart Hula Hoop?

The Smart Hula Hoop is recommended for ages 5 and up.

Do I need to be fit or coordinated to use the Smart Hula Hoop?

Absolutely not, the Smart Hula Hoop was designed for fitness beginners of all shapes, ages, and sizes.

How do I use the Smart Hula Hoop?

To maximize the effectiveness of the hoop, start by throwing the bulb in the direction you want to hoop in. Use your legs and hips to create a swirling motion to keep the momentum of the ball going. You should feel a burning sensation on your core and leg muscles within 2 minutes. Happy Hooping!

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

I love this thing ! I burned 150 calories in 12 minutes ! It’s not easy breezy, you definitely have to move but it was worth every penny. I tried a regular weighted hula hoop and it was a complete fail. Just snap it on, throw the weight and wind those hips ! I’m 5’6 and 212. I had to leave 3 links out for it to fit sung.


I’ve been watching people using these for the last year on TikTok and figured it was worth a try. After a quick search on shapemewell I found this one . On arrival it is literally the links thrown in a box. Nothing fancy. The unboxing Vids I saw on the name brand ones were packaged a lot nicer. For this particular brand it only comes in one size and you would have to buy a second one in order to include more links if you need more for extended sizes. I am 5’8”, 194 pounds, a size 14. I was able to get this on and had 4 links to spare, however after using it for about 10 minutes I realized that it was hurting. I remove one link and it went lower on my waist and was a lot more comfortable. I would definitely say if you’re larger than a size 20 you should consider either getting a version that offers extended sizes or purchase two of these. I also noticed a difference that when I removed one of the links and it fit lower on my waste I could feel more of the exercise. I had to work harder to keep the weight up in the air.

Lu-Oma Hawks

I love this weighted smart hoola hoop. I have to be honest I had to purchase two because my waist line was too large. Not that I used all the pieces. However one just wasn't large enough. I am happy to say that I am down one peg. And each day is get easier. My goal is to use it everyday and go longer than the day before. You can listen to music and just enjoy it. I can tell a difference in my waistline already. You can't stop smiling while using it.


I was worried as the top review said not for fat people as did many other reviewers. Well I am 285lbs and it fit around my waist without it being snug. My BMI is 46 😬 It is so fun and easy to use. I sqeulled with joy when "playing" with this. I used to Hoola hoop when I was younger. This is so fun, doesn't even feel like exercise.

Crystal Lilley

Item was packaged well assembled easily and it only took about five tries to get the hang of it now I can keep it going for a full 30 minutes. When you’re finished you can definitely feel it in your abs and your legs. I’ve only had it and used it for two days.

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