Menstrual Relief Pad



  • Guaranteed to relieve menstrual pain
  • Reduces bloating
  • Painless and Non-toxic
  • Unnoticeable under clothing

Money-back Guarantee • 30-day Free Return


Instant pain relief

Introducing our Menstrual Relief Pad, a drug-free period pain solution that actually works. The combination of heat and massage therapy relieves cramping, relaxes your muscles, and reduces bloating. It’s time to ditch the pills that are full of harmful side effects.

A safe and sustainable pain solution

Imagine having a masseuse just for your cramps. Our Menstrual Relief Pad gives a warm and relaxing massage that hits all the right spots. Thanks to its sleek and comforting design, you can wear your pad all day, even hidden under clothing!

How to use it

Simply strap it around your waist, adjust it to fit, power it on, and enjoy the instant relief. Our pad is fully customizable, allowing you to change the level of heat to whatever fits your needs.

What Happy Customers Are Saying

❝I have HORRIFIC cramps every month. I also have terrible IBS. This little powerful gadget helps TREMENDOUSLY. You can wear it whenever, even under clothes. Do yourself a favor and buy it!!.❞

 Jess M.

Oakland, CA

❝Hands down the best thing I’ve ever bought online. I usually have to stay in bed and don’t move. This had me on the go way more than what I usually am with cramps.❞

Darilyn G.

Newark, NJ

❝I use it for my menstrual cramps and OMG it does work. It has three different heat settings and three different vibration settings and it creates the perfect combo to alleviate cramps. I really like how it is a medicine-free option that is hassle-free.❞

Jazmyn H.

Rockford, IL

Saves Money

Ditch the overpriced temporary heat patches and enjoy a long-lasting solution to your cramps.


No more pills with harmful side effects. The relief pad is pain-free.

Travel Friendly

Easily bring & use the heating pad wherever you want on-the-go.

Need Support or Not Happy With The Product?

Contact us at for a full refund!

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Get this

This thing is amazing!!!! Super long battery life, rechargeable, it fits right under my pants!!!!! No one can tell I'm wearing it! It feels amazing, it cleans really easily, it's pretty, soooooo soft, I LOVE THIS THING!!!! Sometimes I'll wear it on my back just because it feels good. It's helping my cramps SO MUCH! I just developed cramps 4 months ago and this is saving my life! I'm a server, so I'm on my feet all day. I need to get this for all my females!!!! Get it! 😘

Makes my period much easier

I love it! It fits me well! It warms up quickly and it's soft to the touch. I'll be able to use it at work when I'm cramping, since I am a custodian I move around all day and cannot sit with a plug-in one while at work. I'm so glad I bought this, makes my cramps easier to deal with while on the go!


I am beyond grateful that this product exists!!! My boyfriend surprised me with it and it's truly incredible. Just great technology and feels really high-end!! And also so discreet I haven't taken it off since he gave it to me and have been wearing it under my hoodie and even wore it to the nail salon! I'm in love and telling everyone to buy. THANK YOU!!!!

UNNOTICEABLE under clothes!!

I put on the heating pad, turned it on low, and buckled my bag right over. I didn't even notice it- it's sleek enough that even under my bag straps I was able to move freely. I wouldn't put it any higher than low when it's pressed against you like I had, because it could easily burn your skin. At low, had no issues.

Best thing ever!!

I really like this. It was easy to use and comfortable. The highest red setting does get really hot, even with clothing between my skin and the belt so I like the white or blue setting best but the great thing is I can choose the temp. The belt changes settings on its own but I don't have to wait, I can go right to the ones I like. It's flat so it's easy to wear under clothes out and about or at work. Well worth it. I'm glad I got this.💜🙌🏼🤩

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