Our Mission

At Shapemewell it is our mission to encourage confidence, to help women feel exceptional from the inside out no matter your journey. Building empowered women who thrive in every aspect of life, that’s the kind of world we want to live in.

Now we’re making it easier than before to find the perfect shapewear for your body,loving yourself in your own skin is what it’s all about.

Our Purpose

Helping shape the world!

At Shapemewell, we’re in the business of confidence. Because a confident woman is an empowered woman. And empowered women live without asking for permission. They find what makes them feel alive, and do more of it. They celebrate their bodies and they shape the world into a better place

We Do

We have honest conversations about what it means to feel comfortable and confident in our own skin. We listen to our customers and let their insights guide our choices.
The choice to wear shapewear if you want. And the choice to wear the right shapewear for you. Our passionate team is dedicated to providing you a stress-free shopping experience with our 100% Confidence Guarantee.

We Care

Our products are thoughtfully selected for your already-perfect body to provide on-demand-confidence…all on your terms. So you can spend more time savoring your life and less time stressing over how your clothes fit.
And if the idea of body-positive shapewear makes you want to roll your eyes…ask yourself this: how different is comfortable, confidence-inspiring shapewear from a great pair of shoes? Or a makeup palette that makes you feel more put together on the days when you’re being pulled in a million directions?

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